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Whether you are an SME, a digital agency or an enterprise for web, mobile and internet marketing, ikonicsoft, Inc. is there to assist you whenever you are in need of capable and reliable helping hands for outsourcing services.

Technology Architecture

We will get you the best technology approach to technology design and work organization.

Agile and Devops

Ikonicsoft is in the forefront of DevOps implementations with our Clients and we are expanding further into this process and we have a highly experienced team.

Data Analytics and Insights

Data is the new age Blue Diamond, only if Companies are well equipped to transform their Customer data into comprehensive forms and make better utilization of that data.

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

The Dawn of the new beginning. Believed to be the way of the future, AI is the human simulation developed and programmed for machines to think at human intellect level.

API, Microservices

The microservice architectural style is an approach to building a specific application as a suite of individual services where each of the services run its own process.

Core IT Modernization

The need for scaling up existing IT Apps is very important business aspect as it will unlock the full potential and it will make sure that all the systems are full functional.

Mobile Apps

In the present-day scenario, it is self-evident that Smart phones & Tablets demand is extremely high and Mobile Application is the need of the hour.

Quality Assurance and Automation

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”- Aristotle.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud enablement is the process of evaluating an organization’s ecosystem that is in place and analyze how the system architecture was planned and executed